Hello and welcome to my Want List! I have tons of positive feedback from:
Etsy (goodboytoys)
eBay (goodboytoys)
Mercari (goodboytoys)
The My Little Pony Arena (Freeindeed)

You must have positive feedback for trading or selling (not buying) to trade with me.

I mostly collect My Little Ponies but there are some other things I’m looking for as well. Please scroll down to see my want list.

My Little Pony:
The only G1 I’m specifically looking for is  Mommy Sunbright right now… and I would also like to complete my Slumber Party Pack set. I need all of the accessories other than the 2 striped diapers and the popcorn. I’m also looking for G2 Princess Trixiebelle and G2 Princess Twinklestar, both either MOC or loose and complete with all original accessories.

I will update this section later with a more detailed list.

Beanie Babies:
I’m looking for Beanie Babies only– not the larger Beanie Buddies or the Teenie Beanies from McDonalds. I prefer them with all original tags but since these are the HTF ones I might consider them without the paper tags as long as they still have the tush tags.

-Bronty the Brontosaurus
-Bubbles the Fish
-Caw the Crow
-Chilly the Polar Bear
-Chops the Lamp (upgrade, must have both paper and cloth tags)
-Flash the Dolphin
-Flutter the Butterfly
-Garcia the Bear
-Humphrey the Camel
-Kiwi the Toucan (upgrade, must have both paper and cloth tags)
-Peking the Panda
-Rex the T-Rex
-Splash the Whale (upgrade, must have both paper and cloth tags)
-Steg the Stegosaurus
-Sting the Stingray
-Trap the Mouse
-Tusk the Walrus
-Web the Spider

Misc Toys:
-My Child Pet Yellow Kitty
-Rainbow Brite Kitty Brite
-Rose Petal Place Pitterpat Plush Cat
-Kenner Furrever Friends Plushies
-Lion King Mattel Jungle Puppets
-Galoob Pound Puppies Pound Fantasy Unicorns and Pegasi
-Galoob Pound Puppies Chows Mom and Babies
-Lion King II Simba’s Pride Mattel Purring Kovu and Purring Kiara Plushies
-Lady and the Tramp II Disney Store Angel and Scamp Plushies
-Neopets Plushie Kougra from Limited Too
-Disney Feast Plush Winston the Dog

Squishmallows (I don’t have a set want list for these, I just get the ones I like, so feel free to message me with what you have. I don’t care if they have all of the tags or not.)

Disney Cat Plushies (any type of Disney or Pixar cat character plush, including wild cats like lions, tigers, leopards, etc. I will update with a specific list later.)

Mattel Little Pretty Kitties + Lady Lovely Locks Cats (I only have 3 of these right now, so if you have any of them, chances are I will want them, haha. I’m only looking for the cats, not the dogs. But I will update with a specific list later.)

2020-2021-2022 Basic Fun 13″ Care Bears Plush (I will update with what specific ones I’m looking for later but I’m looking for almost all of them so message me with what you have. They don’t need to be in the box, loose is fine.)

Email me if you want to trade: emily@iristiger.com

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