Zachary Whitepaw is Helen’s twin brother, who Jane develops a crush on. But that’s more than okay with him, because the feeling is mutual. A straight-A student with an adorable smile, Zachary is quite the little hottie-in-training. Or at least he would be, if he wasn’t so shy. Helen’s boldness has a tendency to overpower him, making him feel invisible a lot of times. His parents are very proud of him, but Helen spends a lot of time teasing him about being a brain. He tries not to let it bother him, but sometimes it does. And he gets especially embarrassed when Jane sometimes joins in the teasing. He enjoys sports, but he is not really the athletic type– not the way Helen is, anyway. Instead he likes to spend a fair bit of time in geeky pursuits like anime, video games, comic books, computers, etc. He is a big fan of the Greenpaw comics and has every single issue ever released, including the ultra rare Greenpaw #1. He also loves music, and he forms a garage band with some of his friends.