Dear Unicorn,

I know I call you Unicorn, but you don’t need to be some perfect Disney Prince or anything like that. I’ve only been calling you that because because of how rare of a person you are. You believe in God, and I’m pretty sure your faith is rooted in some form of Christianity, but you aren’t tethered to religion. You don’t believe that Christian=Republican and that going to church every Sunday makes you righteous before God. You actually live your faith, trying to do good out there in the world without having to preach about it. And that’s the best kind of walk with God there is, letting your life be a shining light for others to see.

Your light is beautiful, Unicorn. And when our lights finally touch we’re going to do some amazing things together, I just know it.

That’s one reason I’m so looking forward to meeting you. I think both of us are idealists, which not everyone understands. So many people these days are cold and cynical and think the worst. But I believe that love is more powerful than hate. That harmony sings stronger than discord. And faith can move heaven and earth if only you believe.

And I do believe… I believe this so strongly that I’m sure that one day you and I are going to sit together and talk about all of these things and much more. And after we talk about them, we’re going to do something about them. Because the last thing the world needs right now is more religious zealots yelling about what we can and can’t do and pushing all of the lost and broken people even further away from the only One who has the power to truly restore us. We need love right now, not condemnation.

I can’t wait to change the world with you, from one lover and dreamer to another.

Your Beautiful


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