Dear Earnestly Adorable Five-Below Employee,

You were very eager to assist me at the self-checkout today. You rang up my items for me and chatted me up in spite of it being a busy afternoon with all of the Christmas normies out in full force buying their last-minute gifts for little Jazzlynn and Mckenzlee.

I have no idea why you were taking all of the extra trouble with me… I have never had someone ring me up at the self-checkout before. And I didn’t see you doing that with anyone else there… so, were you into me or something?

I should have asked you how old you thought I was… because I know I look young for my age but I promise you that underneath the fabulous rainbow knitted hat I was wearing while out and about today there’s some gray hairs starting to pop up. Nonetheless I’m flattered that a cutie-pie like you was giving me a little extra attention at my advanced age.

Thank you for making an old lady’s day. It’s nice to know I still got it.

The Lady Who Bought the Kettlebells

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