Dear Nut People,

No, I don’t mean crazy people, I mean people who manufacture nuts.

Can you please stop this new trend of putting nuts in the zip up pouches? Not only do I hate these bags because half the time the “easy to use” resealable zipper strip doesn’t work when you try to open them and you wind up having to cut into the bag in order to get to the deliciousness inside… but now every time I eat nuts, my cat Millie thinks they are her treats and comes running like Pavlov’s, err… cat.

I’m sure there’s some crunchy eco-friendly reason why they are in pouches. Although really, the tins they used to be in seemed to be made of foil and cardboard to this non-expert-at-food-packaging’s eyes, and that seems to me like it’s better for the environment than more plastic clogging up the landfills, but what does this old hippie know. Or possibly you just wanted to make it easier to hide your shrinkflation? (Here’s looking at you, ever-shrinking “Family Size” packages of potato chips and cereal.)

I would just like to eat my mixed nuts or my cashews without having my cat trying to guilt me into giving her treats the entire time. She is already fat– I mean fluffy enough without adding extra treats into the mix. And I guess I’m a little fluffy lately too, which is why I’ve been eating all of these nuts.

On the plus side, thank you for (FINALLY!) taking those disgusting Brazil nuts out of the mixed nuts. Because ain’t nobody got time for those rancid radioactive footballs masquerading as nuts.

Love and nuts (but no crazy people, please),
Emily 😊

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