Dear Homeless Lady Sitting Outside of the Post Office,

You know how they say that sometimes we are visited by angels unaware? Well, I can’t figure out where you factor into that but it’s the strangest thing. I don’t know why you started screaming obscenities at me while I was just trying to drop off my packages like the good little toy seller I am… but I do know this: I was only in the post office for a few minutes because there was no line for once, and when I came out you were totally gone. Like, I didn’t see you walking anywhere even, and how is that possible for an old lady carting multiple bags of junk to up and vanish in less than five minutes?

If you hadn’t been swearing like a sailor I’d think I was visited by an angel today, but maybe instead it’s just another day here in our perpetually economically depressed city of Springfield.

Lots of love (and more than a little confusion),
The Cute Girl in the My Little Pony T-shirt Who Somehow Set You Off

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