Helen Whitepaw has been Jane’s best friend since kindergarten, when Helen defended Jane against a bigger boy who pushed her into a mud puddle. Helen is a major tomboy, and it’s always a big deal when she wears a dress. She is intelligent, but she doesn’t apply herself very much in school. She sometimes feels like she is a disappointment to her parents, especially since her twin brother Zachary is such a good student. She often compares herself to him, and to Jane, who is also a star student. The one subject she excels in is math– she loves anything to do with numbers. Loud and brash, Helen has no problem when it comes to speaking her mind, even though it sometimes gets her into trouble. She is one of the few girls who has the guts to go her own way and not care too much about what the other kids think. She is very active, always out riding her bike/skateboard or playing basketball in the driveway. She is also loyal to a fault, and is always there for Jane, even when the other girls in the neighborhood turn against her. Helen takes care of Jane and Zachary and protects them from the cruelties of the other kids. She even does it with Iris, as long as Jane doesn’t get too mad.