Finding Your True Someone…

Don’t ever let your desperation to settle down make you feel like you have to go off with Anyone. Instead you want to hold out for Someone.
Sometimes you are fortunate enough to have several Someones who come into your life for a season or two while you’re waiting for your True Someone to appear. Because a lot of times your True Someone doesn’t come on your schedule. And that can lead to you settling for Anyone.
So many people decide to do this. Mainly because they are worried that they are 25 or 30 or 35 or 40 or whatever arbitrary number they think they have to find Someone by. But if you’re wise, you should leave Anyone the moment you realize they aren’t Someone.
Because whenever you find Someone, even if it isn’t your True Someone, they are always worth waiting for. And in the meantime, don’t feel bad about letting Anyone go, or even when Anyone decides to let you go. Because all of those Anyones are actually someone else’s Someone.
And they deserve to find their True Someone someday too.
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