I have to admit, this comic satisfies the ‘shipper in me. Because come on, how cute are Jane and Zachary? I mean, seriously… if this doesn’t take you back to when you had your first crush, I don’t know what will. I added some more 80’s/90’s details in here too, including one of those clear phones that we all used to covet back in the day. And the cassette player is totally one of those old pastel Sharp QT-50’s, because come on! All the cool girls had those. I also think I did a good job on the color palette.

And Helen is just like, “Seriously?! My best friend likes my goony brother?” But I used to have a crush on one of my friend’s brother for a little while, so I know just how Jane feels. Besides, Zachary is adorable, with his backwards baseball cap and his blushing face.

No wonder Jane is smitten ❤️

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