Now this is a comic that is very near and dear to my heart… Simon is a character based off the boy who was my first love. We went to the same school for fifth and sixth grade, and I adored him to death. He was from a bad part of town, his family life was not the greatest, and he had a mouth on him like nothing else. I’m actually toning him down quite a bit as far as language goes, believe it or not. But he was a really cool kid underneath his surly exterior: smart and funny and full of energy, he drew me to him like a flame. Laughing together and teasing each other on the bus rides to and from school was pretty much the highlight of my day back then, and I have never been able to entirely erase him from my heart. I wish I knew what happened to him, but it’s been over 25 years since those days and I still haven’t been able to track him down. Wherever he is, I hope he escaped his demons and is living an awesome life doing all the crazy things he always loved to do.

But anyway, my heart just went out to him when we were kids, and I hope your heart will go out to Simon, too.

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