I had this stuffed monkey when I was a kid that I used to carry with me everywhere. I brought it to school stowed away in my backpack, and then I’d stuff it in my jacket pocket and walk around the halls with it because I thought bringing stuffed animals to school was the height of cool. Yeah, I was a weird kid, haha. But the crazy thing is, that I actually started a little bit of a trend, because some of my other friends started doing it too. We would hold these epic stuffed animal battles with each other in the school newspaper room every Friday.

But anyway, Joey used to give me so much crap about this monkey. He pretended like he hated it and thought it was stupid, but then he’d do sweet things like give me one of his earrings for the monkey’s ear. So this is kind of my homage to that. Because in case you haven’t figured it out, pretty much this entire comic is a love letter to him, and to my childhood.

But wait… who’s that lurking jealously behind the tree? Stay tuned to the next comic to find out.

(No story this time… I have decided to discontinue them for now, although I may write more on an “as-needed” basis. I will keep the existing stories available for you to read though!)

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