Hello, all you boys and girls, and let’s give it up for the first Iris Tiger Tails comic, hooray! I’m also writing stories that go along with the comics. You can find the stories by clicking on the accompanying image directly below the comic (see “Moving Day”). You can also view all of the stories here.

These comics and stories are based off of my own childhood, growing up in the East Springfield neighborhood of Springfield, MA… if you’ve ever wondered what it was like growing up in the 80’s/90’s, or if you’re old enough to remember those days yourself, you’re going to love them.  

So, here’s where we meet Jane, Iris’s older sister. Jane is 11 years old (sixth grade), while Iris is 9 years old (fourth grade). As you can see, Jane and Iris don’t exactly get along. It’s not easy having a Rainbow Tiger for a younger sister, that’s for sure. But Jane has somehow managed to not kill Iris yet, which may very well put her in the running for the sainthood one day! It helps that she has an awesome best friend named Helen (the yellow leopard) and oh yeah, not to mention a massive crush on Helen’s twin brother, the adorable Zachary (the white leopard). What do you think, is the feeling mutual? Judging from all the little hearts swimming all around the two of them I think it just might be! 

Make sure to keep checking back for more… same Iris station, same Iris channel. 


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