New Comic: Kermie News Report

My cat Kermit (“Kermie”) is quite the character… so much so, that I’m considering doing a graphic novel all about him and his misadventures. I even have a title for it: The Best Worst Cat. Because he is the worst cat in the world, but he is the best at it. And he thinks he’s amazing. Seriously, this cat has so much ego.

Anyway, he is a very talkative little cat… I swear he must have some Siamese somewhere in him, even though he is a tabby. He will not shut up, especially when he is hungry. He has these really loud warbly meows, which are incredible coming from a little 8 lb, skinny cat.

So, I made this comic, because this is how he greets my husband and I every morning. He sits on the table and yowls for his breakfast non-stop until he gets it. He’s like a Terminator kitty, I swear.

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