New Comic: The Superbowl and Me

My relationship with football has always been… complicated. Like many artists, I’m not exactly athletically inclined. I get the rules of baseball, basketball, even soccer. But football has always confused me horribly. Downs, what is that? And I’m still not entirely clear on what a conversion is supposed to be. Many people have tried and failed to explain this to me, on and off since my childhood, but when it comes to football I’m just… lost.

However, this past Sunday was Superbowl Sunday, and while I don’t care much about the game most of the time, I do love to watch the commercials. (My favorites were the Dirty Dancing parody, Jeff Goldblum reenacting the T-Rex scene from Jurassic Park, and the Alexa ad with Gordon Ramsay and a host of other celebrities.) But this time the game was actually interesting, and I watched it more closely than I usually do. The proverbial tumblers clicked into place, and then it happened. I finally started to understand football, at least a little bit.

Except I still don’t know what a conversion is. Maybe that’s a concept I’ll master in the next 30 years. 🙂

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